Property Types

No matter the type of your commercial building, Basic-Fit will try to make it fit. Through a collaboration between our own expansion experts and our construction partners, we will investigate the commercial and technical feasibility of your retail space. Find out below how we have turned different location types into quality gym spaces and submit your own building to start the expansion process with Basic-Fit.
Stand-alone location

Several of our clubs are in stand-alone buildings, such as Basic-Fit Tilburg Spaubeekstraat shown here. This 1.535 m² location serves the western suburbs of Tilburg, the 7th largest city of The Netherlands.

Characteristics of Basic-Fit gyms in stand-alone buildings:

  • Typically 1.200 m² or larger

  • Great branding possibilities on the facade and/or roof

  • No need for extra acoustic insulation since there are no neighbours sharing the building

  • Often come with parking spaces, although this is not a requirement

Do you own a commercial or a stand-alone building that could house a Basic-Fit gym? Let us know and we’ll send one of our expansion experts to visit.


Basic-Fit also operates a number of gyms in shopping malls, such as Basic-Fit Les Herbiers shown here. This 1.400 m² club serves the 18.000 people living in this town of the Loire region in France.

Characteristics of Basic-Fit gyms in shopping malls:

  • Typically between 1.200 m² and 1.800 m²

  • Extra acoustic insulation is a possibility to prevent noise issues

  • Basic-Fit members coming to work out 2 to 3 times per week generate consistent traffic to the shopping mall

Do you have a vacant space in your shopping mall that could become a Basic-Fit gym? Let us know via the contact form and we’ll come and have a look.


Our gyms can be found in the city centre of hundreds of European cities, such as Basic-Fit Eeklo shown here. The 21.000 inhabitants of this Belgian city can come and work out in this 900 m² Basic-Fit club.

Characteristics of Basic-Fit gyms in city centres:

  • Ranging between 900 m² and 2.000 m²

  • An acoustic study can be done to determine if extra insulation is needed

  • Often near public transport stops, no parking spots required

  • Good visibility and branding possibilities preferred

Would you like to have a Basic-Fit gym in your city centre retail space? Reach out via the contact form and one of our experts will get in touch.


While most of our clubs measure between 1.200 m² and 1.500 m², some can be significantly larger. The example shown here is Basic-Fit Coslada (a suburb of Madrid), measuring 1.840 m².

Characteristics of large format Basic-Fit gyms:

  • Can measure up to 3.000 m²

  • Often in or near large population centres

  • Flexible division of the available space with other tenants is possible

  • We can also demolish existing subdivisions to create a single, large space

Do you have a large format space that could interest us? Fill in the contact form and we will come and have a look.

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